Propane Level Monitoring Kit

March 5, 2021. by

For those of you who use propane, this propane level monitoring kit is for you! Don’t worry about how much propane you have left to power your Skoolie when you can see the level. This will eliminate guessing and help you gauge how much propane you will need!

This is the MOPEKA Propane Level Sensing Monitor that uses a sonar like technology to read the propane levels. The sensor sticks to the bottom of your propane tank using two heavy duty magnets. It then sends a signal from the bottom to the top of the tank to read the propane liquid levels.

The Propane Level Monitoring Kit is programmed to a tank level of 80% so you always get a true reading. The monitor then uses Bluetooth technology to sends the correct level to your connected device. All you need to do is download the free app for Iphone or Android.

This system technology has 3 configurations to monitor the propane levels. You can use it as a single sensor, dual sensor, or as a dual sensor system for tanks in different location nearby. For convenience, you are not limited to just your Skoolie with this system, you can purchase additional sensors for anything using a propane tank.  There is also a setting where you can use up to 15 sensors at once and give them each their own name.

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