Propane Set Up for your Skoolie

October 8, 2021. by

Having a propane set up for your Skoolie is a great option for heating and power. Done right, you wont have to worry about heat, hot water, or anything else that you will use the propane for. I put together this kit for portability and safety for your propane set up!

The first piece of this propane set up is the Flame King Duel Tank Rack. This rack can be attached to the back of your Skoolie and will hold two, 20 pound propane tanks. It is made of powder coated steel for

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The second piece to this Propane Set Up is the Flame King Auto Changeover Regulator. This regulator connect to both propane tanks and will automatically switch to the full tank once one is empty. This will keep the propane powering what you have connected to it! The double stage design maintains constant gas pressure under changing demand and conditions, which is important when you’re traveling.

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Finally, the Camco Duel Propane Tank cover will complete this propane set up for your Skoolie. It protects propane gas bottles from flying debris while streamlining the look of your Skoolie. The custom molded assembled unit slips over the bottles for a safe and secure fit. The updated design provides easier access to gas valves and changeover valves so you don’t have to remove the cover. 

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