Next Generation Rechargeable Batteries

December 19, 2020. by

The Next Generation Rechargeable Batteries have arrived and they are remarkable. We all have equipment that needs batteries and it is a pain to have to run to the store to buy new ones or wait for amazon to deliver. If you already have rechargeable batteries, you under stand the difficulty you can face just getting the batteries into the charging port. These new batteries are easy to charge and hold power longer than other on the market!

The ANVOW Rechargeable Lithium Batteries are new on the market and brings a new meaning to rechargeable batteries. These batteries have a built in USB charging port with a 1-2 hour fast charging system. They can be charged up to 1000 cycles maintaining full power!

The charger used to recharge the batteries is a new breed of its own. The main base is a USB plug in with tentacles of mini USB cords for each battery. This allows you to charge the batteries using any device that has a USB port. ANVOW has changed the face of Rechargeable batteries and has done it well!

There are many different sizes of batteries available for purchase. The the two most common are AAA and AA batteries which I will feature below. Make sure to grab some of these Next Generation batteries for Christmas or just for all your devices requiring batteries!

Get your AA Batteries HERE!

Get your AAA Batteries HERE!