The Best Gas Grill For Your RV

November 4, 2019. by

Cooking on an RV has its challenges because of the limited space available. There are all types of remedies to fix this, but this outdoor contraption will make your heart sing with joy, especially if you love to grill!

The Flame King RV Mounted BBQ Grill is a whole different breed of grill that you can take with you. It can be a stationary grill that you can find a place to store it, but better yet, you can mount it to the side of your RV so you don’t have to worry about Storage. All you have to do is light it up and start cooking. 

This is not just a basic grill. The Flame King includes an adjustable flame controller, upper grill deck, and 214 square inches of grilling surface. You will have a full grilling experience, cooking all your favorite foods when you’re traveling!

This grill is not only convenient, but very secure when not in use. It is designed with locking retainer pins to secure the grill on a mounted bracket, preventing it from swinging out when you’re driving. It also has a dual locking lid for securing the lid. The security is needed when driving!

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