Real Time Tire Pressure Tracking At A Glance!

April 11, 2019. by

RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System for your Bus Conversion

Tire pressure on any vehicle can be a critical part of any trip. Low tire pressure can affect your gas mileage, how quickly your tires wear out and could even cause a blowout while driving. Any of these things are bad with a standard vehicle, but can be 10 time worse with your RV or Skoolie. Keep your tire pressure monitored at all times with these awesome RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System for your Bus Conversion.

RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System

The Careud TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a monitors the tire pressure for each tire in real time so you can notice immediately if there is an issue. The system comes with a rechargeable LCD monitor to mount on your dash for easy visibility of real time tire pressure. You also get six TPMS sensor caps that will replace your standard valve caps on your tire. With six sensors, this gives you versatility to put them on almost any vehicle, even if it has six tires. It not only monitors your tire pressure, but also high temperature and slow leaks so you know the full health of your tires with just a glance. The entire system is reliable and easy to install, with two ways to supply it with power. You can use the cigarette lighter to keep it charging or the built-in rechargeable lithium battery will let you go wireless and just plus it in when the battery gets low on the monitor.

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RV Tire Pressure Monitoring SystemRV Tire Pressure Monitoring System

RV Tire Pressure Monitoring System