The Foldable Water Bottle You can Take Anywhere

March 27, 2019. by

A Great Foldable Water Bottle To Take Wen you leave your Bus Conversion behind

Your body is 70% water and you can’t live more than three days without it! We have heard this since were children and it still remains true! With peek spring break travel season goes into full swing, no matter where you are heading, you need to make sure you have water and/or the means to carry enough water to stay hydrated! This water bottle will do just that and you don’t have to waste space to carry it with you because it is a Foldable Water Bottle!

The Genius Earth Foldable Water Bottle the answer to water carrying no matter where you are going. It is a silicone, BPA free folding water bottle that can handle hot or cold liquids. It is made with FDA approved food and medical grade liquid platinum silicone making it non-toxic so you don’t have to worry about your kids drinking from it either! It is equipped with a locking “clip on” hygienic cap that is anti-leak and dust proof by using a safe lock metal clip for additional security. This smart bottle is not only easy to clean but easy to carry. This Water Bottle has a unique design and is guaranteed to never shatter, leak or dent. It is engineered with a thick, soft silicone body and protective sleeve. This lightweight sports bottle maintains its sturdy shape even without liquid and perfect to throw in gym bag, hiking backpack or backpack pocket when collapsed. This water bottle isn’t just for adult, it comes in a few different colors so your kids can carry their favorite color. This is great to put in their bags for field trips or sporting events in case they forget to bring a drink! The Genius Earth Foldable Water Bottle is perfect for the whole family and any trip that you can think of!

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Foldable Water Bottle      Foldable Water Bottle   Foldable Water Bottle