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We at Cool Breeze Travels have created a blog where we write about everything from places to visit in your skoolie to how to bus conversion tips. We have seperated them into catergories to make it easier for you to navigate. ENJOY!


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  • Sewer Hose SupportSewer Hose Support
    Every Skoolie needs a Sewer Hose Support to assist in keeping the hose steady. The worst thing that can happen is getting this hose in the wrong place. It can cause a horrible mess. But, with this support, you can make sure the hose is steady and ready to drain properly. Camco created a simple sewer ...
  • Kuerig K-Mini Coffee MakerKuerig K-Mini Coffee Maker
    The Kuerig K-Mini Coffee Maker is a handy appliance to have in your Skoolie. No more fumbling with coffee ground or wasting half a pot. You can now brew a single cup of coffee anytime and quickly. And, this Keurig hardly takes up any space.   Some of the awesome perks of the Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker ...
  • Dash Air FryerDash Air Fryer
    Getting a Dash Air Fryer for your Skoolie is an awesome investment! You will have space saving access to a healthy cooking option. From frying, baking to roasting, the Air Fryer can do it all will 99.5% less oil. Use it for anything you like to cook!  Dash Tasti-Crisp Air Fryer uses AirCrisp Technology instead of ...
  • Cell Signal BoosterCell Signal Booster
    Having a Cell Signal Booster is more than convenience on your Skoolie. It could be the difference between getting help or being stranded. Many times when out traveling the country, you will encounter weak cell service. Adding a signal booster will provide you security and a piece of mind when traveling to the more remote ...
  • Tankless Water HeaterTankless Water Heater
    Adding a tankless water heater to your Skoolie will bring the comforts of home to the road. You will not only have unlimited hot water, but also save space. This will bring comfort on the snowy days in the mountains or after a long hike viewing the Grand Canyon. Access to hot water will also ...
  • Wireless Winch KitWireless Winch Kit
    “This Wireless Winch Kit is my favorite item yet and a great buy on Amazon. I purchased the winch a long time ago and just recently decided to convert it to be wireless, which I didn’t know the kits existed. So purchased this kit and it only took about an hour to install (very easy ...
  • Heated Electric Blanket can keep your Traveling CozyHeated Electric Blanket can keep your Traveling Cozy
    Winter can be very cold, especially when traveling the Northern parts of the United States! The heat in your RV or Skoolie can keep you from freezing, but this heated electric blanket can keep you nice and cozy on your journey! The Stalwart Electric Blanket is a 12 volt heated, polar fleece throw that plugs right ...
  • High Pressure Shower HeadHigh Pressure Shower Head
    Do you want a High Pressure Shower Head in you Skoolie without the water consumption? This shower head is perfect for water preservation, while going you a nice show. This will be amazing after a long day on the trail. Engineered with micro technology which makes the outlet holes smaller and denser, our shower head increases ...
  • Bar Sink with cutting boardBar Sink with cutting board
    This Bar Sink with Cutting Board will be a perfect addition to your Skoolie. This can be an addition or a part of you initial build. It will save space, which is a must. And, give you an additional area to cook! See all the good details below: Black Under Mount Bar Sink and cutting board Dimensions: 15” ...
  • LED Road Flare KitLED Road Flare Kit
    LED Road Flare Kit. Traveling is an very fun and satisfying experience by yourself or with family. But, sometimes accidents can happen and you can be stuck on the side of the road. With this Emergency LED Road Flare Kit, you can keep yourself and vehicle highly visible to try to avoid any incident.  The Securityman ...
  • Rechargeable Hand WarmersRechargeable Hand Warmers
    Rechargeable hand warmers are very good tool for a lot of people, especially if you work in a cold environment. Not only do the y keep your hands warm during work, it can be a life saver anywhere you take it. The hand warmer can be stored in your car, in a backpack, purse or ...
  • Portable Air CompressorPortable Air Compressor
    Portable Air compressor can be very helpful! All vehicles that drive on the road, no matter the size have tires. It is inevitable that you will run into a flat or develop a leaky tire. You could wake up one morning to head out to work and your tire could be so low to drive. ...
  • Best Washing Machine for your SkoolieBest Washing Machine for your Skoolie
    Having a washing machine in your Skoolie can make a huge difference on your trips and location. But, having that modern luxury can take up a decent amount of space, which can be a go or no go in a Skoolie. This washing machine doesn’t need much space, is less than the average compact washers, ...
  • BlueParrott Bluetooth HeadsetBlueParrott Bluetooth Headset
    BlueParrot Bluetooth Headset! Keeping your hands on the wheel when driving can mean the difference between losing control of the vehicle or saving slip up. Your phone can be a big distraction and make you take your hands off the wheel. This BlueParrott Bluetooth Headset is made for truckers, which is also perfect for travelers. The ...
  • Propane Set Up for your SkooliePropane Set Up for your Skoolie
    Having a propane set up for your Skoolie is a great option for heating and power. Done right, you wont have to worry about heat, hot water, or anything else that you will use the propane for. I put together this kit for portability and safety for your propane set up! The first piece of this ...

What is a Skoolie?

I am building and traveling the United States in a Skoolie. What is a Skoolie? A school bus converted into an RV (also known as a bus conversion).


Why I created a blog

I think that everyone should be prepared for anything their adventure throws at them and I have created this bus conversion blog to help. I have compiled lists of places to visit with your motorhome. I have researched hikes and trails. I hope to help you with your roadtip as well as myself.


Where to get Skoolie supplies

Looking for the right products to help you on your roadtrip? I have built a shop where I guide you through the right product for the right situations. You can visit the store here.


Bus Conversion Blog Categories

I have broken the conversion blogs into specific categories to make it easier to find what you are looking for. I hope to answer all your questions. i would like to help you plan a fun roadtrip in your school bus conversion with these blogs.