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We at Cool Breeze Travels have created a blog where we write about everything from places to visit in your skoolie to how to bus conversion tips. We have seperated them into catergories to make it easier for you to navigate. ENJOY!


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  • Ice Machine for Your SkoolieIce Machine for Your Skoolie
    Having an ice Machine in your Skoolie can make the Hot, Summer days much cooler. Not only can you enjoy the ice but, the pet you bring with you can enjoy a nice, cool drink also! This counter top portable ice maker has wide applications with compact it’s size. With the portable and compact design, AGLUCKY’s ...
  • Campfire Cooking SwingCampfire Cooking Swing
    Having a Campfire Cooking Swing can make your long term camping trip a breeze. Not many people think of them very as a modern tool, but it can make cooking so much easier. This campfire cooking swing will allow you to cook anything you bring, catch or hunt on your trip.  This Bruntmor Campfire Cooking Swing ...
  • Bluetooth Bike LockBluetooth Bike Lock
    Bluetooth Bike Locks are the locks of the future and safety to secure your bike. But, this lock can be used to secure many other items. With crime rising all over, securing your mobile property has never been more important. From bikes to lawn mowers, this Bluetooth lock will give you a piece of mind. Nulock ...
  • Skyroam Mobile HotspotSkyroam Mobile Hotspot
    Getting internet when you’re on the road can be a real hassle, but Skyroam Mobile Hotspot can help. You’re either relying on a hotspot on your phone or waiting till you get to the next store that has crappy WiFi. With this little disk called the Skyforce Mobile Hotspot, you can get your WiFi and ...
  • Pet Emergency First Aid KitPet Emergency First Aid Kit
    Having your furry best friend with you on the road can make for great quality time spent together and unforgettable bonding. You don’t want to be without them and they sure do not want to be without you. SO, No matter where you are headed with your pooch, make sure you have a pet emergency ...
  • Best Waste Tank for Your Skoolie or RVBest Waste Tank for Your Skoolie or RV
    Waste management for your Skoolie and RV is the most important system to maintain. This is where a good Waste Tank comes in. The last thing you want if for a leak to happen and cause a big biohazard mess. That will not be fun to clean up. You don’t want to find the cheapest ...
  • Bicycle Cargo TrailerBicycle Cargo Trailer
    Cycling is not the most common way to travel, but there are avid bikers out there who travel the country just on a bike. If you are one of them, you know how difficult it can be to carry all of your items with you and keep them protected from the elements. This Bicycle Cargo ...
  • Mini Fridge for your SkoolieMini Fridge for your Skoolie
    There are a ton of Mini Fridge for your Skoolie out there, but this one give you a ton of space, saves you energy and more! One of the most important things to get when doing a school bus or van conversion is a fridge that will hold enough food for the occupants and not ...
  • Amazing Chair for your Skoolie Camping Trip!Amazing Chair for your Skoolie Camping Trip!
    If you’re using your Skoolie to take you to an upcoming camping trip, add this chair to your manifest list! There is nothing better than sitting under a star-filled sky by a campfire in an extremely comfortable chair. And, if you’re not careful, you might just spend the night in it and still wake up ...
  • Wood Burning Stove for your SkoolieWood Burning Stove for your Skoolie
    Using a wood burning stove for your Skoolie is a good option for cooking and heating! Wood is a cheap fuel option and you can access it in many different ways that doesn’t cost much. It will also add to the ambiance and reduce the energy requirements of your bus! But, you do need a ...
  • Strongest Tow Strap For Any SituationStrongest Tow Strap For Any Situation
    It’s the season where everyone is going to get stuck or need to be towed out of the snowy ditches. It’s inevitable when you live someplace where it is snowing for 3-5 months out of the year. Make sure you have the strongest tow strap with you so you can pull people out or get ...
  • Cooking on the Road with the Instant PotCooking on the Road with the Instant Pot
    Cooking in your Skoolie doesn’t have to be a hassle with the limited amount of space with an Instantpot. You can have your cook-top and an oven, but keeping this Instant Pot stored away for quick and delicious meals is the best thing you can have. You have probably seen ads on TV for the Instant ...
  • The Action Camera Better Than GoProThe Action Camera Better Than GoPro
    Action cameras have been around for a few years now and there is no doubt that they are one of the coolest pieces of equipment that you can carry with you. These cameras can capture videos of your activities that you never thought possible and you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg ...
  • Dog Balms For All Environments
    Bring the Dog Balm! When you’re on the road with your dog, you are most likely encountering different environments. Natural environments can be hard on your body but it can be affecting your dog even more. This amazing pack of dog balms will treat and prevent any discomfort during your travels. The Natural Dog Company All-Natural ...
  • Portable Air Compressor for your SkooliePortable Air Compressor for your Skoolie
    Having a Portable Air Compressor for your Skoolie can be a life saver! It is inevitable that you will run into a flat or develop a leaky tire. You could wake up one morning to head out to work and your tire could be so low to drive. In these cases, you should always have ...

What is a Skoolie?

I am building and traveling the United States in a Skoolie. What is a Skoolie? A school bus converted into an RV (also known as a bus conversion).


Why I created a blog

I think that everyone should be prepared for anything their adventure throws at them and I have created this bus conversion blog to help. I have compiled lists of places to visit with your motorhome. I have researched hikes and trails. I hope to help you with your roadtip as well as myself.


Where to get Skoolie supplies

Looking for the right products to help you on your roadtrip? I have built a shop where I guide you through the right product for the right situations. You can visit the store here.


Bus Conversion Blog Categories

I have broken the conversion blogs into specific categories to make it easier to find what you are looking for. I hope to answer all your questions. i would like to help you plan a fun roadtrip in your school bus conversion with these blogs.