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We at Cool Breeze Travels have created a blog where we write about everything from places to visit in your skoolie to how to bus conversion tips. We have seperated them into catergories to make it easier for you to navigate. ENJOY!


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  • Heated Electric Blanket can keep your Traveling CozyHeated Electric Blanket can keep your Traveling Cozy
    Winter can be very cold, especially when traveling the Northern parts of the United States! The heat in your RV or Skoolie can keep you from freezing, but this heated electric blanket can keep you nice and cozy on your journey! The Stalwart Electric Blanket is a 12 volt heated, polar fleece throw that plugs right ...
  • Travel Friendly Coffee MakerTravel Friendly Coffee Maker
    Coffee is an American staple that goes well with any meal, at anytime of the day. But, having a big coffee pot in your RV can take up a ton of space, which is unnecessary when you can make your coffee without a big machine. This Pour Over Drip Coffee Maker is Perfect! The Pour Over ...
  • Indoor Safe Propane Space HeaterIndoor Safe Propane Space Heater
    It’s getting colder as the days go by and the US is going to see record cold this year. Your traveling may become more difficult because of this and it will be harder to keep your Skoolie or RV warm. This little space heater will work wonders for those extra cold days when your normal ...
  • The Best Gas Grill For Your RVThe Best Gas Grill For Your RV
    Cooking on an RV has its challenges because of the limited space available. There are all types of remedies to fix this, but this outdoor contraption will make your heart sing with joy, especially if you love to grill! The Flame King RV Mounted BBQ Grill is a whole different breed of grill that you can ...
  • The Best Cargo Mount On The MarketThe Best Cargo Mount On The Market
    Going on a trip can mean carrying all your stuff you’ll need with you and some of the items could be hauled on a trailer, on a hitch carrier or even the top of your vehicle. Most of the time, you will need to strap it down so it doesn’t fly away in the wind ...
  • Wireless Winch Kit for your SkoolieWireless Winch Kit for your Skoolie
    “This Wireless Winch Kit is my favorite item yet and a great buy on Amazon. I purchased the winch a long time ago and just recently decided to convert it to be wireless, which I didn’t know the kits existed. So purchased this kit and it only took about an hour to install (very easy ...
  • New Age Selfie StickNew Age Selfie Stick
    Smart phones have literally changed the world! The way we communicate, research, watch the news, keep time and most importantly the way we document our day to day lives have changed drastically by these little devices. At the touch of a button, you can record a video or take pictures with amazing quality. To get ...
  • 2019 Portable Air Compressor2019 Portable Air Compressor
    All vehicles that drive on the road, no matter the size have tires and it is inevitable that you will run into a flat or develop a leaky tire. You could wake up one morning to head out to work and your tire could be so low to drive, or pull that summer vehicle out ...
  • Keyless Entry For Your SkoolieKeyless Entry For Your Skoolie
    School bus front door lock with Keyless Entry! Going through blogs, FaceBook and Forums for people building Skoolies, I have found one of the biggest questions is “How do I lock my doors?” Making sure your door locks securely is very important because once your finished, you’re carrying your world in that one bus! It’s not ...
  • The RV Seat Cushion That Supports You All Day Long!The RV Seat Cushion That Supports You All Day Long!
    RV Seat Cushion that keeps you driving longer Sitting for a long period of time can do terrible things to your body if you don’t have the proper bottom support. You can develop back problems, get poor leg circulation, develope hemroids, and can even get blood clots if you’re not careful. To help combat these issues ...
  • The Best Quiet, Fuel Efficient Generator for your RV/SkoolieThe Best Quiet, Fuel Efficient Generator for your RV/Skoolie
    Generator for your Skoolie Having power is one of the most used, modern technologies that everyone uses. We have tons of electronics that we rely on daily, plus we need light and appliances that run without us even thinking. When traveling in an RV or Skoolie, you need a reliable source of power. You have a ...
  • Useful Kitchen Items for BoondockingUseful Kitchen Items for Boondocking
    Being able to cook while Boondocking like you do at home can be a very difficult task due to the limited space you have to work with. At home you probably have all the tools you needs for making a proper meal and plenty of space to store those tools. There is a solution to ...
  • Get Unstuck with These Boondocking ToolsGet Unstuck with These Boondocking Tools
    No matter what season it is, the weather won’t stop the boondockers from going out and enjoying the great outdoors. There is something thrilling about living off of what you just bring with you, but it can also become a disaster if you’re vehicle is not prepared for the terrain. Even if you have off ...
  • National Geographic Catalogs Every Traveler Needs to HaveNational Geographic Catalogs Every Traveler Needs to Have
    National Geographic is high known and regarded for their catalogs along with their cable television channel. I’m sure as a fellow traveler, you have at least a few catalogs laying around and one favorite show of there’s. National Geographic Catalogs have a broad range of programs, but they are best known for their guides traveling ...
  • Top 3 School Bus Conversion BooksTop 3 School Bus Conversion Books
    Top 3 School Bus Conversion Books   Traveling the country by school is becoming a new and creative trend throughout the world. Even RVers are switching to School Bus travel. This is because school buses are inexpensive to purchase, are abundant and they are fully customizable to each travelers needs. These are the Top 3 School Bus ...

What is a Skoolie?

I am building and traveling the United States in a Skoolie. What is a Skoolie? A school bus converted into an RV (also known as a bus conversion).


Why I created a blog

I think that everyone should be prepared for anything their adventure throws at them and I have created this bus conversion blog to help. I have compiled lists of places to visit with your motorhome. I have researched hikes and trails. I hope to help you with your roadtip as well as myself.


Where to get Skoolie supplies

Looking for the right products to help you on your roadtrip? I have built a shop where I guide you through the right product for the right situations. You can visit the store here.


Bus Conversion Blog Categories

I have broken the conversion blogs into specific categories to make it easier to find what you are looking for. I hope to answer all your questions. i would like to help you plan a fun roadtrip in your school bus conversion with these blogs.