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We at Cool Breeze Travels have created a blog where we write about everything from places to visit in your skoolie to how to bus conversion tips. We have seperated them into catergories to make it easier for you to navigate. ENJOY!


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  • Skoolie Books for Starting your BuildSkoolie Books for Starting your Build
     Skoolie books for starting your build can be very helpful tools to get you going. But, there are many different books out there. I will review two books in this blog. One is a step by step guide on building your Skoolie. The second is a way to help monetize your build by using sponsors. ...
  • Portable Charger for your Skoolie TechPortable Charger for your Skoolie Tech
    This is a Portable Charger for your Skoolie Tech that you use on a daily basis. We use everything from a camera, cell phone, GPS and much more. Nothing is worse then being away from your Skoolie and not having a way to charge your devices. This little device will provide you with power anywhere ...
  • 2nd Stimulus Check Update: 11/22/20202nd Stimulus Check Update: 11/22/2020
    Right now, the whole country is slowly running out of patience with the news on a 2nd Stimulus Check. For Skoolie owners, this wait is painful as a lot of us are running through our savings. Some have lost jobs, forced to work from home, or lost some sort of needed income. In most cases, ...
  • Portable Air Cooler for you SkooliePortable Air Cooler for you Skoolie
    With the cooler weather moving in, this is the best time to pick up a Portable Air Cooler for your Skoolie. Around this time, the price of heating goes up and the price of cooling goes down. Don’t wait till it gets hot to grab this simple cooling system! The Socool Fan Store Portable Air Cooler ...
  • Skoolie Tech: Bluetooth HeadsetSkoolie Tech: Bluetooth Headset
    When it’s time to hit the road or start a new task on your Skoolie, a Bluetooth headset is a way to go. For this Skoolie Tech Blog, we will be looking at a Bluetooth Headset that is functional and sleek! Put down those big, bulky headphones that takes up so much space and get ...
  • Skoolie Tech: The Reliable TabletSkoolie Tech: The Reliable Tablet
    Technology is now a way of life all around the world. No matter how hard you try, technology will be involved with you and your Skoolie build. For this Skoolie Tech Blog, I will be reviewing the reliable tablet that has yet to let me down. This Tablet will help you start researching, building, and ...
  • Stay COVID Free with a Wallet Friendly SmartWatchStay COVID Free with a Wallet Friendly SmartWatch
    The cold is coming and that means more people will be spending their time inside. This starts the beginning of the flu season and the reduced outside time means you’re more exposed to germs. With COVID-19 now being a part of our lives just like the seasonal flu, you need to take as many precautions ...
  • Bug Out Rocket Stove to add to Your B.O.B.Bug Out Rocket Stove to add to Your B.O.B.
    Emergency kits or prepping kits are not complete without a way to heat up food or water. Many mini stoves sold are big, bulky and you need to spend more money to buy the fuel it requires to work. You need to pack lighter, smarter, and be able to use what you have around to ...
  • Wire Organizer For your RVWire Organizer For your RV
  • No More Spilled Spices in Your RVNo More Spilled Spices in Your RV
    When your on the road in your RV or Skoolie, you have no control over the conditions of the roads and you may have to make a fast stop. Both of these actions can cause those loose spices to go flying all over the place or tumble over in a cabinet, causing an unnecessary mess. ...
  • Travel Friendly Coffee MakerTravel Friendly Coffee Maker
    Coffee is an American staple that goes well with any meal, at anytime of the day. But, having a big coffee pot in your RV can take up a ton of space, which is unnecessary when you can make your coffee without a big machine. This Pour Over Drip Coffee Maker is Perfect! The Pour Over ...
  • Indoor Safe Propane Space HeaterIndoor Safe Propane Space Heater
    It’s getting colder as the days go by and the US is going to see record cold this year. Your traveling may become more difficult because of this and it will be harder to keep your Skoolie or RV warm. This little space heater will work wonders for those extra cold days when your normal ...
  • The Best Gas Grill For Your RVThe Best Gas Grill For Your RV
    Cooking on an RV has its challenges because of the limited space available. There are all types of remedies to fix this, but this outdoor contraption will make your heart sing with joy, especially if you love to grill! The Flame King RV Mounted BBQ Grill is a whole different breed of grill that you can ...
  • The Best Cargo Mount On The MarketThe Best Cargo Mount On The Market
    Going on a trip can mean carrying all your stuff you’ll need with you and some of the items could be hauled on a trailer, on a hitch carrier or even the top of your vehicle. Most of the time, you will need to strap it down so it doesn’t fly away in the wind ...
  • New Age Selfie StickNew Age Selfie Stick
    Smart phones have literally changed the world! The way we communicate, research, watch the news, keep time and most importantly the way we document our day to day lives have changed drastically by these little devices. At the touch of a button, you can record a video or take pictures with amazing quality. To get ...

What is a Skoolie?

I am building and traveling the United States in a Skoolie. What is a Skoolie? A school bus converted into an RV (also known as a bus conversion).


Why I created a blog

I think that everyone should be prepared for anything their adventure throws at them and I have created this bus conversion blog to help. I have compiled lists of places to visit with your motorhome. I have researched hikes and trails. I hope to help you with your roadtip as well as myself.


Where to get Skoolie supplies

Looking for the right products to help you on your roadtrip? I have built a shop where I guide you through the right product for the right situations. You can visit the store here.


Bus Conversion Blog Categories

I have broken the conversion blogs into specific categories to make it easier to find what you are looking for. I hope to answer all your questions. i would like to help you plan a fun roadtrip in your school bus conversion with these blogs.