Skoolie Books for Starting your Build

December 14, 2020. by

 Skoolie books for starting your build can be very helpful tools to get you going. But, there are many different books out there. I will review two books in this blog. One is a step by step guide on building your Skoolie. The second is a way to help monetize your build by using sponsors. Both will help you from starting to hitting the road in your Skoolie. 

The first book is DIY Skoolie Guide: A Step-By-Step Bus Conversion Textbook.


This book contains all the knowledge you need for a basic School Bus Conversion to create your Skoolie. Below is a snippet of the introduction:

“Do you have what it takes to convert your own bus into the living space of your dreams? If so, this book is written for you—the ambitious DIY dreamer. Jeff and Missy Miller have converted numerous buses into motor homes, tiny homes, mobile stores, and food trucks from the ground up with their Skoolie Homes team.

In this comprehensive Skoolie Guide, they share all of their proven strategies and experiences with you so  you don’t have to waste your time and money figuring it out alone. You will learn how to purchase your bus with confidence. Design the right floor plan for your unique lifestyle. Gut your bus and create your foundation. Build the interior from the ground up. Maximize your living and storage spaces. Install your own plumbing and electrical systems. Prep, prime and paint the exterior. Save money on your conversion without cutting corners.

Get your Skoolie vision on the reality road This DIY Skoolie Guide is your comprehensive road map. It gives you a clear plan on how to convert your bus from start to finish. From basic planning to completion, this book walks you through each step of the conversion process so that you can create your dream.

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The second book is called Sponsors for Nomads.

The title explains it all and can be very handy to help you make money on the road. This is a Kindle book, so you do need some kind of electronic device that can download Amazon Kindle. Sponsors for Nomads will help you get corporate sponsorship’s and free products. You can do this all while living the nomadic lifestyle in your Skoolie!

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