Dash Cam Protection for your RV or Skoolie

July 24, 2018. by

Dash cams are probably one of the best features you can add to your Skoolie or RV. Both Vehicle probably costed you a lot of money and you travel all over the country, so adding a dash cam can help you in two way. One, you capture your drive for for the memories that you are creating when traveling. Second, you protect your investment by recording any type of accident you are involved in or capture while on the road. But, you do need a skoolie dashcam that is reliable enough to provide you high quality footage or it would be useless.


The Crosstour Dash Cam has everything that you need to capture moments that are most important. It has a Sony 170° 1080p wide angle lense to capture more than other dash cams can with high quality. The night vision on the camera can capture road signs and license plates very well with its WDR night vision technology. It has a built in G-sensor to lock in footage that has been captured so it isn’t recorded over when a shake or collision is detected. But, the best feature in my opinion is the 3 Meter motion detection system. If anything moves within 3 meters while the vehicle is off, the camera will start recording. This can possibly capture a vandal or thief!

**It is recommended that the dash cam be hardwired when using the motion detection feature.

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To ensure you capture your footage, look into this Sandisk Ultra 32GB SDHC Card. Sandisk has been one of the most reliable forms of memory for the past decade and rarely disappoints! You need to make sure your Dash Cam has the means to record and this card is the best to get the job done. It even comes with an adapter to insert the card into your computer or other compatible devices.

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To power the Motion Detection feature of this Dash Cam, AUCEE Dash Cam Hardwire Kit will do the trick. It is fairly easy to install with minimal technical skills required. Just follow the instructions and soon you will have it powered up to protect your vehicle when you’re not around. You Can also use this Hardwire kit to power other compatible devices like a GPS system!

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I recommend purchasing all three items together for maximum use of your new Dash Cam. The Sandisk will allow you to save your recordings and the hardwire kit will allow you to record when the vehicle isn’t running without your Dash cam dying on you! Check out the video below!