Keep Your Valuables Safe No Matter Where You Are!

May 29, 2019. by

Keeping your valuables safe from people trying to take them, a fire or natural disaster can be a difficult task. A lot of people have their jewelry hidden in one place, money in another then their important documents filed away in a folder somewhere, but that isn’t the safest way to do it if you have to grab everything and go. Having a safe to protect your valuables is the best investment you can purchase! It will give you a peace of mind knowing your items are locked away in your home, Skoolie or RV!

The AmazonBasics Security Safe is note only a secure way to store your valuable, but it’s has a very pocket friendly price. This compact safe has a 0.5-cubic-foot capacity that easily accommodates a wide range of items like your legal documents, passports, jewelry, money, and anything else worth keeping safe. Whether leaving for a long vacation in your Skoolie or needing more security at home, this safe gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your prized and important possessions are protected.

It is built from a solid, pry-resistant steel, offering you rugged reliability and long-lasting strength in case someone tries to break in it. On the inside, it has a soft carpeted floor that offers an added layer of protection ensuring jewelry, heirlooms, or other delicate items are safeguarded against scratches or damages.

The safe come equipped with an electronic lock that offers easy operation and set up. After you installing four AA batteries, you can reprogram the safe with your own password. There are two emergency override keys, which makes it possible to open the safe and access your valuables even if you forget your password or if the keypad batteries die. You can mount it to just about anything with the equipment provided or even customize it using your creativity.


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