Skyroam Mobile Hotspot

July 15, 2021. by

Getting internet when you’re on the road can be a real hassle, but Skyroam Mobile Hotspot can help. You’re either relying on a hotspot on your phone or waiting till you get to the next store that has crappy WiFi. With this little disk called the Skyforce Mobile Hotspot, you can get your WiFi and much more!

The Skyroam Solis X: WiFi Mobile Hotspot is the World’s first smart spot that has fast 4G LTE, secure WIFi in 130 countries, a remote camera, a power bank, and a smart assistant. With this pocket sized gadget, you can email, post, track, and take video/pictures all without a Sim Card or contract. 

It has an 8MP wide-angle camera with 720p HD video, auto-focus, and flash. You can capture and record photos and videos of the whole group or family, or when there’s no one else around. You can even set it up to take footage of your trip when you’re on the road traveling. 

There is a built in 4700 mAh power bank so you can charge any device when the battery runs low. The battery allows you to stay online for 16+ hours when using it conservatively without being plugged into a power source providing you with flexibility during your travels. 

The flexibility of the plans are perfect for boondocking, especially if you don’t need constant internet. Skyroam data plans allow you to buy service by the Day, Month, of GB. Data starts as low as $6. You’re not breaking the bank with this new age mobile hotspot!


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