Keep The Clutter Away with the Everything Keeper

October 8, 2018. by

This little gadget will help keep you bus organized. we call it the small skoolie organizer!

Your RV and Skoolie is most likely packed full with everything you can think of to make traveling easier, which means you are limited on space. Every nook and cranny of the place is being used to its max capacity, but have you thought about storing things under cabinets or tables? Those can be areas that you can utilize with a simple tool the small skoolie organizer.


The Everything Keeper is a perfect shelf that you can mount under a cabinet, counter or table so you can store those small items that you need quick and easy access to. It  is lightweight, but also durable with it’s commercial grade steel construction. Assembly is easy with optional mounting screws for a truly permanent hold and pre-installed mounting adhesive, which allows you to open the box, pick a spot to mount it, and quickly install it. The Everything Keeper can store almost anything you can think of that can if int its tray measuring out to 13 X 9.75 X 2, which is large enough to fit a piece of standard printing paper. It has easy access with its pull down construction and when your done, just lift it back up and your clutter is hidden from site. This is perfect for an RV or Skoolie.

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small skoolie organizer   

small skoolie organizer   

small skoolie organizer