Stay COVID Free with a Wallet Friendly SmartWatch

September 21, 2020. by

The cold is coming and that means more people will be spending their time inside. This starts the beginning of the flu season and the reduced outside time means you’re more exposed to germs. With COVID-19 now being a part of our lives just like the seasonal flu, you need to take as many precautions to stay healthy. This is where your wallet friendly SmartWatch comes in.

Your cell phone is one of the dirtiest items that you carry with you everywhere. The Lintelek SmartWatch will allow you to check the messages and calls coming in hands-free while being wallet-friendly. This allows you to touch your phone less and collect so much information about your day to day life.

The Lintelek SmartWatch is very inexpensive compared to other SmartWatch brands but comes with all the same perks. My favorite feature about this watch is the battery life. You can get notifications all day for three days without needing to charge your watch.

Some of the other perks you get with this Wallet Friendly SmartWatch is a step counter, heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, and a full-service fitness tracker. Since this watch is water-resistant, you can track your swim or wear it during a rainy run. This tracking is all done in the background so you can still view your texts, emails, Facebook messages, etc while you are working or exercising.

The Lintelek SmartWatch has a 1.3 in screen making it big enough to view data easily and small enough that it’s not uncomfortable and good for both men and women. But, the best part about this watch is that it reduces the number of times you touch your phone. This is the flu season to do everything you can do to stay healthy and COVID Free!

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