Every Man Needs A Travel Watch That Can Take A Beating!

May 18, 2019. by

Great Travel Watch to take with you on your Skoolie adventures

Cell phones and smart watches are the newest way to keep time, but both of them can’t beat a traditional travel watch when you are out doors due to their high maintenance. They need cell signal, most have issues with extreme heat/cold, water, and dust, which are all things that can ruin them, rendering them useless pieces of tech is you encounter an emergency situation. This travel watch won’t call for you, but it will assist you in land navigation in a worst case scenario and will help you get to safety. A dead cell phone can’t do that!

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The Casio Men’s Pro Tek Watch is a solar, digital watch with tons of extras that can take a beating! Casio built this watch as a high performance tool developed it under the supervision of meteorologists to take on challenging environments. It has a very accurate easy-one-touch operation of its Altimeter, Barometer, Compass and Thermometer so you can navigate the terrain with just one tool! It has a reconfigured duplex LCD layout that provides optimal upper & lower LCD reading for a quick glance when you’re on the go. In addition to having numerical and trend graph data, it’s unique arrow icons help to indicate characteristic barometric pressure patterns. This tool can keep you out trouble as your blood pressure rises and falls with the barometric pressure. It has a 200 meter water resistance and is built to hold up against strong water resistance for river trekking & rafting. In addition to all those other tools, this Casio also has tide and moon graph/data that provides key info for sea kayaking and fishing. This is definitely a watch you can get some use out of and with work for a long time, especially with it’s solar charged battery!


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