2nd Stimulus Check Update: 11/22/2020

November 22, 2020. by

Right now, the whole country is slowly running out of patience with the news on a 2nd Stimulus Check. For Skoolie owners, this wait is painful as a lot of us are running through our savings. Some have lost jobs, forced to work from home, or lost some sort of needed income. In most cases, this leaves no room to get the things you need to keep building or make the needed upgrades for your Skoolie.

So, where are we with the checks?

We are still at a stalemate between Congress and the House. Congress wants a streamlined stimulus bill and the House wants a bill broken down into all different entities. This is where the disagreement has continued since June.

But, there has been more, unused money found from the first Care Act that was passed in March. So far, the unused cash adds up to 1.6 trillion dollars which could potentially provide us with a second check. This is old money and should make headway in negotiations tomorrow when talks resume.

What does this mean for you?

This is a possible deal maker that will get money in our hands. If they pass a bill next week, we can see a check in the first weeks of December and this is just in time for the holidays. You can then have the funds travel depending on the restrictions in the different states. You can also get back to working on your Skoolie if you are making improvements or needed repairs to get you back on the road!

Stay safe and keep checking back for your Skoolie Stimulus Check Update