The Auto Extension Cord You’ve Been Waiting For

June 1, 2019. by

Cigarette lighter outlet are not just to light fire to the tobacco of your choice anymore. There are thousands of products out there that can be powered by your vehicle’s cigarette lighter, but most of the time, the product doesn’t have a long enough cord to do its job efficiently. That is where this new extension cord comes into play!

The EP Auto 12 Foot Extension Cord is not you average extension cord. Instead of your standard home wall plugs on each end, it has a 12V cigarette lighter plug and socket adapter at each end for use in any vehicle. This is a game changer for a lot of people who spend more time on the road than at their physical house.


This extension cord allows you to expand the distance to run any item that needs this type of outlet. You can use is to power just about anything including cooking appliances, your computer/tablet or anything else you may need to operate at a distance from the socket. For instance, I am sure you have seen those mini shop vacs that are made for vehicles with a cigarette lighter adapter to power. Well, those give you just about enough cord to get to the floor in the back seat of a compact car if you’re unlucky enough to have just one outlet. This extension cord will ensure you can vacuum your entire vehicle! The same concept can go for those portable tire air compressors. No more worrying if you will have to remove the tire just to reach the compressor!


For safety, this extension cord has a 15A safety fuse to protect any item that you have plugged into it. This backup will give you a peace of mind in case there is a power surge. The downside is that the socket and plugs are not weather resistant, so be sure to protect the ends if you encounter rain and snow.


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