The Best Cargo Mount On The Market

July 6, 2019. by

Going on a trip can mean carrying all your stuff you’ll need with you and some of the items could be hauled on a trailer, on a hitch carrier or even the top of your vehicle. Most of the time, you will need to strap it down so it doesn’t fly away in the wind when driving. But, where are you going to connect the straps? Will it make the vehicle look unappealing? This item is the answer to both questions!

The CargoBuckle Flush Mount System is an easy to install system to make sure your valuable cargo doesn’t go flying away when you’re on the road! 

This system tucks the CargoBuckle G3 conveniently away with its durable, corrosion resistant housing. Its ready when you need it and neatly concealed when you don’t. So, no ugly hinges hanging from your vehicle or smacking your shin when walking around it!

To use, you simply open the concealed door and the CargoBuckle opens up to the ready position. When not in use, the CargoBuckle hinges below the floor and the door closes, giving the area a clean look.

It has a 4.5-Inch depth with a 3,500-Pound break strength and a safe working load of 1,167 lbs. CargoBuckle Brand Tie-Down Systems offers high quality, innovative solutions for securing and hauling all your gear.

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