Skoolie Tech: The Reliable Tablet

October 5, 2020. by

Technology is now a way of life all around the world. No matter how hard you try, technology will be involved with you and your Skoolie build. For this Skoolie Tech Blog, I will be reviewing the reliable tablet that has yet to let me down. This Tablet will help you start researching, building, and go with you when you finish your build!

The Galaxy Tablet A 10.1 has been a lifesaver throughout my Skoolie build and along my first trip. This tablet bundle comes with the tablet, charger, a very nice leather case, and a stylus pen. The case is extremely helpful because it has notches so you can adjust your tablet to a wide variety of angles. This is good for projects if I am not staring directly at the screen. The stylus pen is good for precision use, especially if you’re a man with big hands.

The design of this tablet is very sleek and professional with all the features you need. It had a full 10.1 in screen and an 8 MP camera that works great for video chatting while the road. The Galaxy A 10.1 has the newest android operating system so you can download any app you need. It also has 64 GB of memory for fast page loading and app usage. This is by far the best for tablets!

If you’re just starting to research Skoolies or if you are getting ready to hit the road, this tablet will come in handy. This galaxy tablet is perfect because it is bigger than a phone and smaller than a laptop. You can tuck it away anywhere which is very important for space usage on a Skoolie. If you’re looking for a reliable tablet, you have found the perfect one!

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