Protect Your Tires This Winter With Tire Covers

October 30, 2018. by

Keep your bus conversion or RV tires safe with tire covers for skoolies

With winter fast approaching, so is the cold and that can mean bad news for your tires. If you have a Skoolie or RV and you stop traveling for the winter or are staying stationary for long periods of time, you want to keep those tires protected from the elements that winter brings with it. Snow,salt, cold and rain can all damage your tires badly if your not on the move often enough and tire covers for skoolies can help extend the life.


The Kayme Four Layer Tire Covers are perfect for keeping your tires safe from the winter elements to soon come. The  four layers are PE + Aluminium and PE + Cotton which makes for a great material combination to protect the tires. The PE is 100% Waterproof, the Aluminium is good protection from the sun’s UV rays, and the cotton is soft to keep the tires safe and warmer. These tires covers fits cars, trucks, RVs and Skoolies with different size ranges. The covers have a tight fit latching system that keeps the tire covers on the wheels even on windy days with it’s secure fit. The latching system is also very user friendly so they are easy to install and remove . When you purchase the wheel covers, you also get a storage bag to keep them in when they are not being used on your tires.

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