Top 3 School Bus Conversion Books

February 25, 2018. by

Top 3 School Bus Conversion Books


Traveling the country by school is becoming a new and creative trend throughout the world. Even RVers are switching to School Bus travel. This is because school buses are inexpensive to purchase, are abundant and they are fully customizable to each travelers needs. These are the Top 3 School Bus Conversion Books.


Once the seats are removed, you have a perfect shell to create your dream traveling vehicle! Here are three of the top School bus conversion books on the market.

Top 3 School Bus Conversion Books


Select and Convert Your Bus into a Motorhome on a Shoestring *BUY

by Ben Rosander


Select and Convert Your Bus Into a Motorhome on a Shoestring is an easy read for anyone thinking about converting a bus into a travelling machine!


This book includes over 175 photos, drawings and basic plans and will help you create your dream bus conversion. It also includes stories from 14 individual conversions and is full of pros and cons when doing as school bus conversion. This is a must read for beginner and expert converters!

Bus Conversion Floor Plans *BUY

by Ben Rosan


Bus Conversion Floor Plans is 101 Pages with index and includes photographs and floor plans from more than 50 bus conversions. Featured conversions include school buses and highway coaches, both simple and elegant.


This book is great sitting down and coming up with your own custom design that will make your dream conversion come true!


Rolling Shelter: Vehicles We Have Called Home *BUY

by Kelly Hart


Rolling Shelter is a book written by Kelly Hard depicting stories of her travels with friends in vehicle they made into a home. This book is a good read for anyone thinking about making any vehicle into their home. It gives tips and tricks on how to live in such small spaces. Also how they managed on their long drives.

Overall, these three books will give you insight and all the tools you will need to design your school bus into your travelling home. I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading!