Don’t Get Your Skoolie Stuck in the Snow this Season with the X-BULL!

October 14, 2018. by

Get tire traction on your bus conversion this winter with these traction tracks!

With the Winter Season blowing in fast this year, that means snow is on the way quickly for a good portion of the country, if they haven’t already gotten some. This means traveling in your Skoolie and RV comes at a higher risk than in the summer because you’ll be encountering snow. If you get stuck, it will take a big vehicle to pull you out, unless you have a tool to gain the traction you need to get yourself unstuckant that tool is these traction tracks!


The X-BULL Recovery Traction Tracks are strong, durable and guaranteed to get you out of the snow. The raised tracks helps prevent vehicle tires from spinning on snow, sand, mud or ice with it’s unique cleat design that gives the tires the traction they need to move forward. There is no towing or pushing required, you just slip the traction tracts under the tires that drive the vehicle and slowly start to drive and you’ll pull yourself out. For even better traction you can purchase enough tracks to have one for each tire. These recovery traction tracks are not just for the winter, they can also be used for when you are off-roading in a Jeep, etc. So, these can get use all year around, but you definitely want them for the winter in case you do get stuck on ice or snow. No more waiting for a big enough vehicle to drive by or a tow truck to arrive to pull you out. You can get yourself out with these tracks!

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