Travel Friendly Coffee Maker

November 14, 2019. by

Coffee is an American staple that goes well with any meal, at anytime of the day. But, having a big coffee pot in your RV can take up a ton of space, which is unnecessary when you can make your coffee without a big machine. This Pour Over Drip Coffee Maker is Perfect!

The Pour Over Drip Coffee Maker is the perfect space and energy saver that you can have on your Skoolie or RV to brew your favorite blend of coffee. Just have a heating source for your water, pour it over the coffee grounds and watch it make you an amazing cup of coffee. 

The carafe is made of a durable glass decanter that is easy to clean and also very stylish. It uses an eco-friendly, stainless steel filter instead of paper filters. This filter not only lets all the flavor of the coffee through, it also reduces the waste you produce when traveling. 

To protect your hands when pouring the coffee into a cup, the carafe has a heat resistant cuff to avoid burns. Once you’re done with the coffee, just simply wash it and put it away out of site. It is the perfect space saver!

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