Travel Items Great to Take Along for Your Dog

July 20, 2018. by

Most people leave their canine companions at behind when taking a trip, but there are some that bring their pups along. Well this one is for you, the one who brings your best friend with you when you travel! If you train your dog well, they can be a great addition to your travel plans. Just make sure you are prepared for their needs like you are for your ownwhen you go hiking with your dog. These are a few items you can bring along for them so they are just as safe and comfortable!


The first item is the Kurgo (Baxter Pack) Dog Backpack that mounts on the back of your dog like a saddle. This pack will allow your dog to carry his own food, water and gear that way you have less to carry and they are taken care of. This pack is great for everyday use or on hiking trips and it come in 2 different sizes depending on the weight of the dog. It has two attached pouches to store items and a handle on the top if you need to pick your pup up for any reason.

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hiking with your dog    hiking with your dog

Next is the RC Pet Products: Pocket Pet First Aid Kit that can be stored or attached to your pack or theirs. This pet first aid kit comes with the basics to provide emergency medical aid to you dog for minor injuries and a pamphlet to teach you how to administer the aid. This is a must have for your pup especially if you’re going on a long trip with them. You are prepared to aid yourself, now you can be prepared for your canine friend too!

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hiking with your dog dog first aide

Lastly, is the Carlson Elevated Folding Pet Bed that come with a travel bag. It has an easy fold and go design great for boondocking with your pet, so you can just put stow it away when its not in use. You can keep your pup elevated off the ground for their comfort and also to keep the bugs at bay if you’re camping. With it’s lightweight design, you’ll be able to easily to carry it with you when you go.

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 dog bed   dog bed

Your pet deserves a vacation too! So, next time you take a trip, try planning on taking your dog with you. If trained properly, they can be great companions to travel with and can even provide you with extra protection since their senses are way better than ours!