The RV Seat Cushion That Supports You All Day Long!

March 22, 2019. by

RV Seat Cushion that keeps you driving longer

Sitting for a long period of time can do terrible things to your body if you don’t have the proper bottom support. You can develop back problems, get poor leg circulation, develope hemroids, and can even get blood clots if you’re not careful. To help combat these issues caused by sitting with back support, you can get a seat cushion designed to help you on long sitting trips. This RV seat cushion is a great item to have if your sitting in a computer chair, driving or even flying!

RV seat cushion

The Skwoosh Travel Seat Cushion is built to provide you with comfortable support for the long haul when you are stuck in a chair! It is built in layers to provide you with maximum comfort and support. The pressure relieving gel layer prevents numbness and cradles the “sitz” bones for cushioning comfort and proper support to prevent back pain. The top fabric is breathable material that circulates air for comfort during use avoiding that sweaty feeling you can get when sitting too long. This is especially good for the summer months when it is already hot! You don’t want to add something that is going to make a long trip feel longer. It is convenient to carry with built in handles and if foldable, so you can stuff it in that suitcase when you don’t need it! If you’re looking for a discreet, but supportive cushion, this one is perfect. It is a neutral color and only one inch thick. This cushion will be your saving grace on your next long trip!

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RV seat cushion   RV seat cushion      RV seat cushion