The Solar Charging Panel You Can Take Anywhere

November 5, 2018. by

The travel  Solar Charging Panel You Can Take Anywhere and pack away nicely in you skoolie.


Solar power is becoming more normal as technology progresses and solar can be a good thing when your spending a lot of time outdoors. We now carry multiple gadgets that depend on electricity to charge the batteries, but when your away from home and your car, having a travel Solar Charging Panel can help you out. It gives you the opportunity to be off the grid longer and also enjoy your gadgets that you have with you.


The SUAOKI Portable Solar Panel can allow you to charge all your devices that you have by just using the sun. This means you are not held back by needing a close place with an outlet. You can stay out in the woods longer with your GPS and cameras, take that long hike knowing your emergency locator won’t run out of juice and you can even use it when your boondocking in the middle of nowhere. The solar charger generates 60 W output with up to 20% high conversion efficiency under 3.8 W Lux, which provides you with enough power to charge two devices at the same time. It has a 5 V USB and 18 V DC dual output to keep your USB/DC devices on a full battery when ever you need it. It is very easy to carry and fold up just like a briefcase so you can take it anywhere. It measure 11.5 x 6.3 inches when folded up and 11.5 x 65.7 inches when you open it giving you a lot of surface area to catch the sun’s rays. The handle even allows you to hang it up so you can get maximum sun exposure. The 10-1 connector has 10 connectors for most laptops on the market minus macbooks, but almost all other will work with this solar charging panel. It even has battery clamps so you can jump start a battery from it which makes this item an awesome survival tool!

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