Wireless Winch Kit

November 28, 2021. by

“This Wireless Winch Kit is my favorite item yet and a great buy on Amazon. I purchased the winch a long time ago and just recently decided to convert it to be wireless, which I didn’t know the kits existed. So purchased this kit and it only took about an hour to install (very easy to install.) I then turned my wired remote into a wireless remote. 

Now that it is wireless, I have the capability of operating the winch from a distance without stretching out long cables. Not only does this provide more convenience, but it also keeps me safely out of the way. 

For this kit, you will need to purchase two different products and the video below will show you how to design this Wireless Winch yourself!”

Amazon Cool Breeze Travels

Amazon Cool Breeze Travels

Want to make it your self? Check out the video below:

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