Get That High Gloss Finish Your Looking For with FamoWood Glaze Coat

September 10, 2018. by

Wood Glaze Coat for your skoolie wood.

Anyone who has ever worked with wood on a project, a job site or just arts and crafts knows it is difficult to achieve the perfect glossy look. There are hundreds of different products out there that you can use to get the glossy look, but most of them are either extremely difficult to use or are too cheap and makes the gloss look horrible. We want our wood pieces to come out looking very nice and there is a wood glaze coat product out there that is fairly easy to use and you can get the perfect glossy look with some practice.


The FamoWood Glaze Coat Kit is an ultra-clear, high gloss epoxy that is great for projects and home improvements. It is a pour on epoxy that can be used on all types of surfaces, so you’re not limited to just wood. It has a 1:1 mixing ratio making it very easy to use, but you may need to try a time or two to get the mixture correct like most epoxy solutions. The mixture is self leveling, so as long as you have it on a flat surface, you should get equal coverage with minimal spreading. FamoWood is definitely a good money and time saver with one coat of the epoxy equaling 60 coats of varnish. It can resist temperatures up to 120 degrees F and can be use on rough or smooth surfaces.

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