FamoWood Glaze Coat Kit

September 9, 2018. by

Wood glaze for your skoolies exposed wood!

FamoWood Glaze Coat Kit – the wood glaze to use in your school bus conversion

Wood glaze

I’ve only used FamoWood Glaze Coat for my wood projects and unless I am shown something better, I’ll stick with it. I have messed up a few pieces and had to sand them back down to bare wood (and that wasn’t easy),so that to me shows how tuff this stuff is. When it is down properly, it looks fantastic (like glass) so I’ll continue to use it. Once mixed, I pour it in the center of the wood and spread the wood glaze out to the edges until it rolls over the side with a putty knife, which sounds simple and it is (sort of). From my experience I would recommend only doing one piece at a time because when done properly it takes a 10 to 15 minutes (you can’t get in a hurry), also it starts to thicken after about 15 minutes making it difficult to spread. Most of the projects I have been doing are glazing both sides of the same piece of wood which means I have to wait at least 24 to 48 hours before turning it over and doing the other side. It takes time to do it right so don’t get in a hurry, otherwise you won’t be happy and will end up having to do it a second time.

Wood glaze